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The International University of Diaspora

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The mission of the International University of Diaspora is to bring a novel kind of educational enlightenment to the Africans in Africa and Africans in Diaspora. This novel enlightenment will focus on the humanities-philosophy, literature, religion and history.


The vision of the IUD is to act as a fulcrum between the educational institutions of the north and of the south. The online university is a brainchild of what must be done or need be done in the 21st Century.

Literary Philosophy

Literary/Narrative Philosophy entails the whys and wherefores of life and death.

Literature is life. Life is a whirligig. And man's life is found in the whirligig of time. A literary philosopher is answerable to his/her five senses--sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch--during the course of production of his/her literary work.

African World Literatures

African literatures are a global mirror to see other literary mirrors. Now that other mirrors are no longer marginalizing African literatures, they are able to visualize that the African literatures are indispensable in spite of the brutality of the commercial slavery and weapons of cultural eradication during the colonization.

Diaspora Press of America

Diaspora Press of America is a home-based press, succeeding Developmental News, founded in 1983. The word, Diaspora, is being popularized worldwide with the publication of Literatures of African Diaspora in 2004.